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Management & Small Lawns in the Horsham area.

Aquarium and Pond Care

We specialise in the installation and care of ponds and aquariums, offering advice on all aspects.


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Fish Tank Care

Fish tanks are a beautiful feature in your home, but can be difficult to install and often have issues when they are not looked after correctly.


We can help install your fish tank and introduce the right fish for its size. We also offer regular fish tank cleaning services so you can enjoy your aquarium without the hassle.


When setting up a fish tank the same rules apply for tropical & cold water fish, the aquarium must be clean then filled with water, various chemicals must be added for ensure the water will be safe, we recommend API Stress Coat & Stress Zyme which we can supply, these are the chemicals that protect your fish from any poisonous chemicals in tap water such as chlorine.


A fish tank is not safe for any fish until the water has been cycled, this normally takes between 2-4 weeks. We can test the water in your fish tank to ensure it is safe, this is normally done about two weeks after the installation of your aquarium.


Pond Cleaning

Ponds are often a great addition to any garden, they encourage wildlife and offer a sense of calm and relaxation. However, garden ponds need to be cared for regularly to keep them this way.


Ponds can easily turn into an eyesore if left without the right care and attention. If your pond has become an eyesore or just needs a tidy, then we can help.


We have expert knowledge and equipment to bring you pond back to life, with a pond cleaning service.


Filter systems are not needed on all ponds however they do help to keep the water healthy and are recommended if you have fish. There are many pond filter systems available, some better than others. We can help you chose and install the right pond filter system for your pond. Once your system is installed we can continue maintain it so you can enjoy your pond hassle free.